G2C Connection Guides

Messages from old friends are some of the best communications we ever receive. Usually, they recall happy times and fond memories. Last week I got that kind of message from my friend Dave. I first met him in 1984. Dave and his wife Kris were leading a small group ministry to young couples and they asked Diane and me to be their “support couple” in that work. I was surprised at their invitation since we were newly married and fairly new to that church. None-the-less, they wanted us and so we joined them. What followed was several years of fun and encouragement. All the while, Dave invested in me and helped me to become more mature in my faith. It’s amazing what can happen when we take a little bit of time and share some life with one another. 

That is exactly what we are hoping will happen for you when you become part of a G2C group here at QFMC. G2C stands for “Gather to Connect.” What is G2C? I’m glad you asked! Below are a few details to give you a better idea:

  • What is a G2C group?
G2C is a small group of people you choose to gather with. We recommend a group size of somewhere between 4-8, but ultimately, you get to choose. 
  • When does G2C begin?
This coming month, April 2021
  • How often do G2C groups meet?
It’s your choice; once per month or every week … whatever is best for your group.
  • Where do G2C groups meet?
That’s also your choice; your home, a coffee shop, a barn, online … you get to choose!
  • What if I have never hosted or facilitated a group?
No worries, QFMC has got you covered! Each month we will provide a “Connection Guide” with a few scriptures and questions for you and your group to discuss. The Connection Guides will follow along with our sermon series.
  • What if no one invites me to be part of a G2C group?

Don’t let that stop you; start your own! Who is in your circle of influence that you could invite into a G2C group?

Plan to be part of a G2C group! Encouragement, fun, and friendship await you! God will use you to help others grow in their faith and you will grow too.   

Your brother and friend,